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Retirement can be an exciting, active time of your life: But if you’re going to get the full benefits from your retirement years — which could last two, or even three, decades — you’ll need to have a vision for what you want to do. And to transform this vision into reality, you’ll need to take a “holistic” approach — one that involves a financial strategy, clear communications with family members and an awareness of the challenges that may stand in your way. Read More
401(k) Loans: The Last Resort: As you’re well aware, we’re living in difficult economic times. Consequently, you may be forced to make some financial moves you wouldn’t normally undertake. One such move you might be considering is taking out a loan from your 401(k) plan — but is this a good idea? Read More


Sharing Your “Bounty” Can Be Rewarding: If you have the financial resources to provide a comfortable life for your family, you have reason to be thankful. And if you can afford to share some of your “bounty” with charitable organizations, you may want to be as generous as possible — because your gifts may allow you to both give and receive. Read More