H1N1 Flu Cases On The Rise in Coos County

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H1N1 Coos County

FROM COOS COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS: Coos County Public Health has received 3 confirmed cases of H1N1 and a total of 10 flu reports in the last month. H1N1 has been circulating since the “Swine Flu” pandemic in 2009. Most vulnerable are those who have not been exposed to the disease or have not been vaccinated against H1N1.
The most effective way to prevent the flu is to receive a flu vaccine which is available for 6 months of age and older. Depending upon the brand, flu vaccine protects against 3 or 4 different flu viruses. All the brands available protect against H1N1. After vaccination, it takes about 2 weeks for protection to develop.
The Health Department is encouraging anyone > 6 months of age and unvaccinated to receive the flu vaccine before supply runs out. Flu vaccine protection decreases over time, and the vaccine protects against different strains each year. It is important to get your flu vaccine every year, even if you have previously received a flu vaccine containing protection from H1N1.
For a flu vaccine call Coos County Public Health or your local provider. Coos County Public Health has flu vaccine available for those 4 years of age and older. The Health Department is able to bill Medicare, Oregon Health Plan, Pacific Source, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon, Lifewise, and Providence. For those paying by cash or check, the discounted price is $25. To make an appointment, call 541-751-2400.

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