3 Flags Seat Belt Campaign Through Sept. 7th

The Coos County Sheriff’s office is joining other law enforcement agencies throughout the state in a two week long seat belt enforcement campaign. State Sheriff’s offices, Oregon State Police and local police will be working to increase proper safety belt and child car seat use during a traffic enforcement “blitz” from August 25th through September 7th. Officers will also help promote National Child Passenger Safety Week, September 14th–– 20th, through referrals to local child car seat assistance programs and car seat checkup events being held throughout the state.

A statewide survey in June 2013 found an all-time high 98.18% percent of Oregon’s driving public routinely using safety belts. ODOT crash data indicates those injured or killed in crashes use belts much less – only 59% of the time. In addition, there were 997 child passengers under age eight injured or killed last year in Oregon motor vehicle crashes. Twelve of these children were confirmed to be riding totally unrestrained. Child car seats reduce the likelihood of infants under 1 year old being killed in a crash by 71 percent and the fatal risk for toddlers aged 1 to 4 by 54 percent, and 58 and 59 percent for infants and toddlers in SUVS, pickups and vans.

Oregon law requires children less than forty pounds be restrained in a child seat. Children under one year or weighing less than twenty pounds must be restrained in a rear-facing child seat. A child over forty pounds must be restrained in either a child seat or a booster seat appropriate for their size until they reach age eight or 4’ 9” tall AND the adult belt system fits them correctly.
For help with child seats, refer to the seat manufacturer’s instructions, vehicle owner’s manual, or your local child seat fitting station. A list of fitting stations can be found at: http://www.nhtsa.gov/apps/cps/index.htm

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