9 Racing Drivers Receive 9 Citations

On June 15th, multiple complaints were received by Oregon State Police, regarding a group of vehicles traveling together on Highway 42 westbound from Winston. The vehicles were described as “souped-up” Honda’s and Audi’s that were speeding, making unsafe passes, racing, and running cars off the road while trying to keep up with one another.

OSP intercepted the vehicles on Highway 42 before they reached Highway 101 north of the Highway 42 junction. The nine drivers were all males between the ages of 18 and 23. The group said they were traveling together for a camping trip at the beach. Subsequent to the traffic stop, each driver was cited for Careless Driving, a class A traffic violation. OSP reminds all drivers to be alert, sober, and obey posted speed limits. OSP appreciates the active involvement of citizens who want to keep highways safe.

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