“A Christmas Tale” Onstage In Bandon

E. Ben Eazer is the proprietor of the “Ben Eazer Used Car Company” in the hamlet of Dickens in up-state New York. The setting is Christmas, 1961. Ben’s disposition is the consequence of years of toil in the pursuit of personal wealth. Although he has a family, he prefers to live alone without responsibility or dependence … until!
Ben sells an old, dilapidated and unsafe automobile to a poverty-stricken family. Divine intervention brings about what seems to be the worst outcome. Ben is emotionally shaken as he is come upon by three angels who recount to him his past, present, and future.
Does this sound like the plot of the Dickens Christmas classic? Of course it is. However, it is flavored with a more current setting and entirely different situation.

This tale, in the form of a stage play, is authored by a local theatrical producer, Dan Almich, co-founder of New Artists Productions. “A Christmas Tale” will be performed by an all youth New Artists Productions cast of 22 at the Sprague Community Theater in Bandon on December 20, 21, and 22. The Aaron Hill family includes parents Dustin and Emily Wilson and children Kristina Allen, Oden and Tiernan Almich, and Natalie Vincent. The David Barret family includes parents Russell Jones and Alyssa Matas and children Rachel Etzel, and Isabella and Natalie Jones.

E. Ben Eazer is played by Caleb Shupe, his partner Jacob Morley by Nathan Woodruff, and his staff by Nathan Malamud and Gabe Castelli. Angels Past, Present, and Future are played by Megan Wood, Grace Mahr, and Sarai Perkins respectively. Additional cast members are Kayla Dugan, Michael Guerin, Olivia Kincaid, and Adam Wood. Stage crew and make-up assistance will be provided by Becca Wilson.
Show times are Friday and Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 2pm.
Admission to each of the three showings is ‘free’ in appreciation for audience support of New Artists Productions over the past 14 years.
For further information about this youth theater presentation, contact Almich at 541-347-2517.

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