ADAPT Staff Help Recovery From Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol

The holidays are fast approaching and for many, this could be difficult time. For every problem gambler, 6 to 10 other people are affected. No one starts gambling with the idea that gambling will ruin their life. Anyone you know who has a gambling problem, you should know about ADAPT.

ADAPT has been an Oregon leader in the prevention and treatment of addictions since 1971. Call to speak with a professional. Services are free to the gambler and their family. Call 541-751-0357.
Oregon offers more forms of gambling than any other state except Nevada. An estimated 3,000 citizens from Southern Oregon suffer from problem gambling. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, you should know about ADAPT.

If you tend to gamble beyond your means, ADAPT is here to help you through. Counselors are highly trained to assist you with issues that may be causing difficulties in your life. Gambling groups or individual sessions are all free for the gambler and their family. Free of charge. Call 541-751-0357 to set an appointment. Help us celebrate the holidays by taking the first step.

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