Additional Evacuated Homes In Josephine County

The Josephine County Sheriff’s office issued a road closure order due to fire activity in the area. Lower Wolf Creek Road is closed from the town of Wolf Creek to Leland Road. Lower Graves Creek Road is closed from Leland Road to the Rogue River. The Josephine County Sheriff’s office also issued an evacuation order for all residences on Lower Graves Creek Road from the Graves Creek Bridge to Leland Road, Lower Wolf Creek Road, and from Lower Graves Creek to Water Tank Gulch. This new evacuation order affects an estimated 30 residences.

Evacuation orders are still in effect for:

* McCullough Creek Road, Reuben Road, and Mt. Reuben Road in Douglas County, and Poorman Creek Road in Josephine County. Citizens can evacuate to Glendale Elementary School or Josephine County Fairgrounds:

* Glendale Elementary School is at 100 Pacific Avenue in Glendale.

* Josephine County Fairgrounds is at 1451 Fairgrounds Road in Grants Pass.

For more information, call Red Cross at 888-680-1455.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 and is filed under Local News, Public Service Announcements.