Athorities Identify Fire Victims and Name Cause

Coos Bay Fire officials say a heater was the cause of a blaze that claimed the lives of two people earlier this week. 79-year-old William Easley and 64-year-old Helen Becker died in the fire that started in a separate room from where the couple was found.  Fire Chief Mark Anderson says a malfunctioning heater or combustible materials placed too close to the heater likely ignited the blaze.  The fire at 1840 South 19th in Englewood was called into the department around 1:30 in the morning Monday. After arriving, neighbors notified firefighters that the home’s occupants were unaccounted for.  Fire officials say there were no smoke alarms located inside the house.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 and is filed under Local News.