Audit: OR’s Disaster Recovery Plan Incomplete

A new state audit found that Oregon might not be fully prepared to recover from a major disaster because of insufficient planning and organization problems at the Office of Emergency to Management.

The incomplete emergency management plan could delay relief efforts and decrease recovery effectiveness. Oregon stands to lose federal funds in the event of a disaster because its hazard mitigation plan was downgraded due to its insufficiencies. The Office of Emergency Management coordinates emergency preparedness, disaster recovery and hazard mitigation with state and local agencies. For the first time in nearly four years, all of OEM’s management positions are now filled.

“The Office of Emergency Management needs to resolve its organization issues immediately and make sure that Oregon is fully prepared for a major disaster,” said Secretary of State Kate Brown. “Anything less is inexcusable.”

The audit found internal shortcomings at OEM. The division did not have a strategic plan; performance measures had limited relevancy; policies and procedures were not current or complete; employee evaluations were not regularly conducted; and there was no training plan for employee professional development. The audit recommends OEM develop clear and specific expectations for employees, improved policies and work processes, better communications strategies and feedback to improve its performance.

The audit can be found at:

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