August 26th Meeting On Proposed Rule Restricting Smoking On Beaches

Proposed rules that would restrict smoking of tobacco products on the ocean shore recreation areas will be open for public comment through August 29th. Comments will be taken by email, and through public hearings in August.

Rules that restrict smoking on Oregon state park properties were approved in February by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission. Previous public comments related to the state park rule asked the department to undertake a similar effort on the ocean shore, which is adjacent to many state parks. Citing environmental issues as a primary concern–plastic cigarette butts can persist for years, even in the harsh beach environment–the commission approved a staff request to consider a smoking rule for the ocean shore.

After listening to public comment between now and August 29th, the department plans to present information to the Commission on September 17th and return November 19th with a final recommendation at the Astoria meeting. Comments can be sent to the department; OPRD Beach Smoking, 725 Summer St NE, Suite C, Salem OR 97301, by e-mail (, or in person at a public hearing on August 26th at the Coos Bay Library starting at 7pm. The final meeting will be held August 28th in Salem.

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