BLM Facts Available Now

Do you know how many visits were made to BLM recreation sites last year? Or how many wild and scenic rivers you can find here? Or how many pounds of mushrooms were picked on public lands? The Bureau of Land Management in Oregon and Washington has released the latest edition of BLM Facts, the annual almanac for public lands in the Pacific Northwest.

All these questions and more are answered in the latest edition of BLM Facts. In addition to its maps, stats, and photos, BLM Facts also features a diverse collection of voices that contribute to the narrative of the outdoor experience in Oregon and Washington. Topics covered range from protected wilderness and the recently-designated San Juan Islands National Monument to recreation sites and cultural and archaeological programs.

BLM Facts also shares management plans for National Conservation Lands, minerals and energy, forestry, mining, wild horses, and more. BLM Facts is available in hard copy at all local BLM offices. It is available as an e-book that can be read online or downloaded at For more information as well as to provide feedback or to make requests for future editions of BLM Facts, contact

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