Coast Guard Reminds Boaters To Secure Boats Before Winter Storms

The Coast Guard reminds all boaters and paddle craft users to secure and mark their boats before winter storms. The Coast Guard has launched on 90 un-manned adrift vessel cases around the state in the past year. Sector North Bend personnel responded to two, while Sector Columbia River personnel responded to 24. These un-manned adrift vessels cause hundreds of hours of unnecessary searches, causing danger to first responders or delaying them from actual emergencies.
“We take every report of an adrift vessel as a distress situation and launch appropriate resources to begin a search,” said Lt. Cmdr. Chris Morris, a search and rescue mission coordinator. “Vessels safely secured to a dock will prevent hours of search efforts that put first responders in danger. Owners of these vessels and paddle craft can help resolve search and rescue cases sooner by keeping the registration information up to date or marking their vessel.”

This entry was posted on Friday, December 22nd, 2017 and is filed under Local News, State News.