Commercial drive tests to end at 4 DMV offices including Coos Bay

Oregon DMV
DMV will no longer offer commercial driver license skills tests after March 31, 2014, at its offices in Southeast Portland, Bend, Roseburg and Coos Bay.
DMV has been phasing out commercial drive tests at its field offices in favor of third-party test providers as part of DMV’s efforts to become more efficient.
“DMV continually looks for ways to serve more people with limited resources, and one of those ways is to make room for the private sector to play a role,” DMV Administrator Tom McClellan said. “While DMV continues to offer CDL drive tests at some offices, private test providers are present in many areas and can offer wider choices of test locations and test times than the fixed locations and hours of DMV’s field offices.”
You can find a list of private CDL testers in the commercial driver licensing section at ( or by calling your local DMV phone number or 503-945-5000.
Third-party testers, such as commercial driving schools and the Oregon Department of Education, have provided CDL drive testing for many years. DMV also has provided CDL drive tests at some of its offices throughout the state – those near major highways and with adequate parking space.
Knowledge tests for commercial driver licenses and CDL endorsements still are provided at DMV field offices.

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