Conference On Sharing The Coast In Bandon

This year’s “Sharing the Coast” conference is coming to Coos County March 15th–17th. The annual event, which offers a wide range of information about coastal science and natural history, is open to the public. The conference is sponsored by the CoastWatch program and the Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators.

Charleston resident and retired climate scientist Al Solomon will provide the conference’s keynote talk Friday evening, March 15th, speaking on “Weather Extremes and Climate Change: The Essential Linkage.” Solomon recently retired from a career spent studying global ecological change with the Forest Service, Environmental Protection Agency and other institutions. He received training in developing this talk from Al Gore’s Climate Reality group. Al Solomon will speak at 7pm at The Barn, Bandon’s community conference center. This presentation is free and open to all.

The Barn will also be the site on Saturday, March 16th. Featured talks will include presentations on beach ecology, marine debris, seabirds and invasive species. There will be workshops and field trips Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, March 17th, the conference will move to the Boat House Auditorium at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston. Presentations planned for that morning will cover the oceanography of Oregon’s nearshore ocean, coastal geology, and estuarine ecology. There will be more field trips Sunday afternoon.

Conference fees are $15 per individual, $25 for non-members, and $7.50 for students. Non-members can join either sponsoring organization and take the discount. Fees include lunch on Saturday.
To register, go Additional information will be posted here.

For more information, cal 503-754-9303.

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