Coos Bay Council Discusses Draft Temporary Lodging Ordinance

Coos Bay City Councilors opened the public hearing on a Temporary Lodging Ordinance that would provide temporary services to area homeless.  The draft ordinance presented last night allows faith or non-commercial non-profit organizations to provide temporary lodging through a permitted process. City staff say the ordinance is necessary for dealing with the increasing issues surrounding homelessness that was spurred by the supreme court ruling that said governments cannot criminalize homelessness. The city’s Homeless Work Group and staff discussed the ordinance before sending it on to the council for public comment. The faith-based community also weighed in on the issue. The draft ordinance spells out where temporary lodging would be allowed, what safety measures and insurance is required, how neighbors are notified of permit requests, when a permit could be revoked and how long a person could stay. No organizations have inquired about the permit.  Public comments will be taken at the council meetings July 2nd and 16th.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 and is filed under Local News.