Coos Bay Fire Hosts Fire Extinguisher Training

Coos Bay Fire Rescue will be hosting a fire etinguisher class on July 15th. This will be a two hour class on the safety, use, inspection, and placement of fire extinguishers. The class will include discussions and hands on training. Any adult citizens of the Bay area. The training will be from 6 to 8pm at the Coos Bay Fire Station, 450 Elrod Avenue. Please call to reserve a seat for this class as seats are limited.

Coos Bay Fire Rescue reminds everyone that fire extinguisher use is only one component to a fire safe home. Each home should also have a working smoke alarm on each floor, and a fire escape plan. Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, and it is recommended that only smoke alarms with 10 year lithium batteries be used. A home fire escape plan should be reviewed and discussed with the family on a regular basis and you should conduct home fire drills.

According to Fire Administrations, the majority of residential fires are kitchen fires. The Fire Administration recommends that fire extinguishers only be used by adults that have been trained on how to safely use them.

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