Coos County District Attorney releases details of the Bastendorff Beach Shooting

WARNING: The following Press Release and Investigation Conclusion contains graphic information and language.
Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier today released preliminary findings from the investigation into the shooting deaths of 3 people in Coos County this week. Frasier called the events tragic that led to the death of quote, “two innocent people.” 32-year-old Zachary Levi Brimhall of Dillard reportedly shot his father several times in the chest and head killing him before traveling to the parking area of Bastendorff Beach south of Charleston. There he shot at several parked cars. 43-year-old David Jessie Hortman of Michigan was reclined and sleeping in his car when it was shot at 18 times. One of the bullets pierced the car and fatally wounded him. Two suicide notes were found in Brimhall’s Pacer that indicated his desire to kill others before killing himself. The investigation uncovered multiple guns and a thousand rounds of ammunition in Zachary Brimhall’s car. They also uncovered spent casings inside and near the car indicating he shot at the vehicles from his car. Frasier said the computer that might have given authorities an indication why the events took place was destroyed by the suspect earlier in the week. Despite the events, Frasier believes had the incident happened in the campground east of the parking lot, there would have been more fatalities and injuries.



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