Coos County School Closures, Cancellations and Delays

Coos County School Closures
Check this page often for information concerning closures, cancellations and delays in Coos County.

*** February 22, 2018 ***

Coquille Sch. Dist.:2 Hour Delay

Myrtle Point Sch. Dist.: 2 Hour Delay, No AM preschool

If you see downed wires call 911 immediately and report it. Do not get near or attempt to drive over the downed wire. Power outages can be for long periods of time, consider putting together an outage pack that is easy to get to and has at least the following:

* Flashlight
* Battery-operated radio and clock
* Extra batteries
* Non-perishable foods
* Manual can opener
* Bottled water
* Blankets

If you do have a power outage do not call 911, instead call your electric provider.

Pacific Power: 1-877-508-5088
Central Lincoln: 1-866-484-3783
Coos Curry Electric: 1-866-352-9044