Deveraux Center Proposes Community Campground for Homeless

The Deveraux Center has requested the use of city property for a community campground to house homeless individuals. The proposal presented to Coos Bay City Councilors last night was asking for the use of the property that housed Wastewater Treatment Plant 2 in the Empire area. A new plant was constructed across the street leaving a large fenced-in area where the plant used to sit. The proposed plan would create 12 campsites to start up to a maximum of 60 sites. Applications would be taken and managed by the Devereaux Center. The center is asking the city for the property and to provide water, sewer, and electric hookups. They may also ask for site leveling. Devereaux will provide tents, tarps, visual barrier cloths, and temporary restroom facilities, and office space. The organization will also provide 24-7 supervision and case management. While the concept was perceived as a positive step in addressing the growing problem of people living on the streets, a majority of councilors were not necessarily in favor of using the proposed site. The matter will likely be referred to the city’s homeless workgroup before it is brought back to the full city council for discussion and consideration.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 and is filed under Local News.