DMV Mandatory Furlough Day

All Department of Motor Vehicle offices in Oregon, including DMV headquarters will be closed for the statewide mandatory furlough day on Friday, April 19th. Waiting times for customers tend to be longer on the days after DMV office closures, so the DMV suggests that customers try to do business by mail or online, or plan their visits to DMV after Monday, April 22nd.

For a complete list of DMV offices and their business hours, go to Friday’s closure is the ninth of 10 statewide mandatory unpaid furlough days for most state agencies scheduled for the two-year state budget cycle that ends in June. The last scheduled statewide furlough will be on Friday, May 24th. For more information about the statewide furloughs, visit the Department of Administrative Services’ website at For a complete list of state agency closures, visit

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