Douglas Complex Fire Update

The Oregon Department of Forestry reports that crews continue to strengthen burnout operations. Yesterday, burnout activities were successful with the help of three crews and the Medford BLM burn group. Aerial ignitions assisted the burn out activities. Fire fighters continue to extinguish all hot spots along the perimeter and within the interior portion of the fire.

Rabbit Mountain is now at 23,501 acres. Crews continue to strengthen fire lines and extinguish hot spots. Aided by infrared patrols to detect hot spots, they will continue deep mop-up operations.

Dad’s Creek is at 22,295 acres. Firing operations were completed on indirect containment lines in the Reuben Creek area. A type 3 helicopter with thermal imaging was flown around the perimeter of the fire to determine heat locations. Crews will take advantage of less active fire behavior to reinforce fire lines in these areas. Containment lines in the Rattlesnake Creek, Dry Creek and Poorman Creek areas continue to be strengthened to secure homes.

The size of the complex is at just over 46,000 acres with a total of 2,093 personnel. The estimated cost to date is just over $43,660-thousand dollars

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