FERC Public Hearings

The first of four Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s public hearings opened today on the Draft Environment Impact Statement for the Jordan Cove Energy Project.  Jordan Cove is proposing a Liquified Natural Gas facility on Coos Bay’s North Spit. A clock was triggered after FERC released the Draft EIS back in March.  The hearings offer an opportunity for members of the public to provide testimony on the draft. About 40 people had provided testimony by 2:00 pm this afternoon. People making comments were given a number. They were then taken into a room with a scribe and a hearings officer to provide testimony. Most waited in the lobby while others sat outside where a quiet rally took place outside the Hales Center for Performing Arts where the hearings are taking place. There was no rallying inside, however there were several people wearing shirts showing favor toward the project and against it.  The hearings continue until 8:00 tonight on the SWOCC Campus.  A second will take place in Myrtle Creek tomorrow night, Medford on Wednesday and Thursday in Klamath Falls. Written and electronic comments are also being taken. You can find out more about the draft EIS and how to submit comments on the FERC website. https://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/docs-filing.asp

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