First Marijuana Tax Revenue Distribution

The first distributions of state marijuana tax revenues, totaling nearly $85 million, are on their way to the State School Fund; the Mental Health, Alcoholism, and Drug Services Account; Oregon State Police; the Oregon Health Authority; and Oregon’s cities and counties. All distributions will be complete by October 12th.
Between January 4th, 2016 and August 31st, 2017, the Department of Revenue collected $108.6 million in state and local marijuana taxes, of which $94.55 million was state marijuana taxes eligible for distribution. Of the revenue eligible for distribution, $9.56 million went to transfers required under Senate Bills 1057 and 1597, repaying the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s start-up costs and covering administrative costs for the Department of Revenue. The remaining $85 million was distributed based on the recipients and formulas provided in House Bill 3470.
Oregon’s cities and counties will receive a total of $17 million. For more information about state and local recreational marijuana taxes, visit or call 503-947-2597 or email at For questions about licensing for recreational marijuana retailers, visit the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s website at

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