***Intense Rescue Effort Saves Crew Capsized in Bar***

The US Coast Guard, Hauser Fire and North Bay Fire conducted a rescue on the North Jetty yesterday afternoon near the bar entrance. Earlier in the day, Coast Guard Watch noticed a fishing vessel that had capsized in the bar. At that time the status of the crew onboard the Pacific Miner was unknown and no distress call had been made. A rescue effort to locate the crew was immediately conducted. Early information relayed to the Coast Guard reported the Pacific Miner had three males and one female aboard. Members of Hauser Fire and North Bay Fire were dispatched to locate the vessel. They found the vessel lodged on the rocks of the jetty, underwater and upside down being battered by waves. When Fire personnel approached the vessel they could hear the crew yelling from inside the Pacific Miner. Rescue personnel had several tools onhand including battery-powered Sawzalls. Fire Personnel were tethered and waded in the water waist-deep. Once through the hull, Rescue Personnel were able to extract the crew from the opening. It was confirmed at that time that there was no female aboard only the three males had gone out. The rescued crew were taken to Bay Area Hospital and are undergoing treatment.

A video of the moment Rescue Personnel made visual contact with the crew can be found on our Facebook page – Video: Lawrence Vanhoof, Hauser Fire

Photo: North Bay Fire

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