Int’l Port Of Coos Bay Project Starts Late February

The U.S. Coast Guard will begin a rebuild of dual navigation markers in the bay adjacent to the lower Coos Bay shipping channel in the Jarvis Turn section. The project will begin in late February and continue into March. As part of the project, the construction crew will temporarily close a small paved parking area on bayside property owned by the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay, approximately one-quarter mile north of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Boat Ramp. The parking area is scheduled to be closed Thursday, February 28th, and again from Monday, March 11th, through Friday, March 15th.

The Coos Bay Pilots Association uses the markers while moving cargo ships through the channel. The markers indicate a vessel’s location in relation to the center of the channel through the Jarvis Turn to help pilots keep a vessel on course.

During the closure, the construction crew will cordon off the staging area, which will be used as a landing location for a helicopter from Air Station Astoria. The helicopter crew will load concrete at the area and ferry it to concrete forms at the navigation marker sites.

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