Learn About Ghenghis Khan At Coos Bay Library

The “Armchair Film Adventure” series continues at Coos Bay Library on Tuesday, April 9th at 2pm in the Myrtlewood Room. “Mongolia: In the Land of the Nomads” is this month’s edu-tainment. And, it’s FREE!

Protected by deserts and untouched landscapes, an exotic and fascinating civilization has managed to survive right up to the present day. Central Asia is the land of the nomads, Mongolia, once a legendary and feared realm yet one that is full of natural beauty. The name Genghis Khan is synonymous with Mongolia. Under the leadership of this monarch, the Mongols established the largest empire in history, a realm that extended across large areas of Asia, possessed more than a hundred million subjects and created a new high season of culture.

About an hour from Ulaanbaatar in Tov Province is the calm and tranquil, Manzushir, an area that is different than the densely populated metropolis. In addition to several tent-like huts, or gers, it is the centuries-old scattered remains from the high season of Buddhism that capture the attention. The natural landscape is beautiful, which is hardly surprising as Mongolia is the most sparsely settled country in the world. Hunting with eagles is both common and traditional. Each October before the hunting season begins a popular eagle hunting festival takes place in Bayan Oglii. The birds with which the Kazakhs hunt are golden eagles that have a wing span of more than two meters.

Everyone is welcome at this program sponsored by The Friends of the Coos Bay Library. No admission is charged and refreshments will be served. Call 269-1101 for information on this program.

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