Coos Bay Walmart Will Limit Shoppers

The Coos Bay Walmart will be following company policy starting Saturday to ensure safe social distancing practices. The guidelines are put out by the CDC. Because of a large influx of people, the Coos Bay store will set up markers outside the store where shoppers will have to wait. Greeters will control the number of [...]

Sawdust Theatre 2020 Season Canceled

The Sawdust Theatre has canceled the 2020 season for the first time ever since it opened in 1967. Spokesman Michael Thurman said the season even went on the fire destroyed the theatre in 1994. The season normally runs every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The cast and crew runs from about 50 to [...]

Carson Oil Gas Stations Allow Self Serve at Gas Stations

Some locally-owned gas stations who were pumping gas are now allowing self-serve. Chris Davis of Carson Oil says the decision came in the interest of safety for customers and employees. All regular staff at the company’s five stations in North Bend, Coos Bay, Bandon and Coquille are still working. Davis says since announcing earlier this [...]

Reedsport Positive COVID-19 Case Confirmed

Douglas County Public Health officials have confirmed a positive COVID-19 case in Reedsport. Spokeswoman Vanessa Becker says the county’s epidemiology team has made contact with the patient to determine how it was contracted, symptoms as well as with whom that person might have come into contact. Once those determinations are made, the team will alerting [...]

Coos County Commissioners Ban Temporary Stays for Tourists

Coos County Commissioners, in a split decision, adopted an order restricting short term rentals in the county. They cited public health authority to enact the emergency prohibition. Short-term rentals are defined as rentals for less than 30 day. It does allow for local county residents and their families to use lodging facilities and provided an [...]