*** HIGH WIND WARNING | HIGH SURF WARNING *** The National Weather Service has issued a HIGH WIND WARNING from 7:00 PM Thursday to 4:00 PM Friday. Expect gusts up to 60 MPH on coastal headlands and higher terrain. A HIGH SURF WARNING is also in effect from 4:00 PM Thursday to 4:00 AM Saturday. Expect dangerously [...]

Coos County DA to Dismiss Case Against McGuffin in Freeman Case

The man convicted of manslaughter in the death of 15-year-old Leah Freeman in 2011 will not face a new trial. Earlier this month a judge had ordered that Nicholas McGuffin would receive a new trial on the original conviction. Leah Freeman was a teenager when her body was discovered dumped a few miles from her [...]

Lakeside Robbery Suspect Arrested.

After releasing a photo of the man suspected of pulling a knife on a Lakeside McKays store clerk, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office received over a dozen calls identifying the suspect. Deputies arrested 27-year-old Seanpatrick G. Maloney who was located about two blocks away from a residence on Broadway in North Bend where he was [...]

Coos County Sheriff’s Office Seek Public’s Assistance

The Coos County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspect accused of robbery that took place in Lakeside. On Saturday, Coos County Deputies received information that an alleged robbery took place at the McKay’s Market around 3 PM. The victim, a store clerk, was reportedly threatened with a knife when he [...]

Coos County DA Responds to Overturned Manslaughter Conviction

The Coos County District Attorney will continue to watch what happens with the recent decision by a Malheur County Circuit Court Judge. That decision overturned a manslaughter conviction of Nicholas McGuffin in the death of Leah Freeman based on the existence of exculpatory DNA evidence. DA R. Paul Frasier said he became aware of an [...]