***Businesses Defy Governor’s Executive Order****

As Coos County awaits the final word on its Phase One reopening application, some retail and restaurants have already opened. Commissioner Melissa Cribbins addressed the early reopening saying restaurants who opened dining areas and retailers that are not considered “essential” are currently operating in violation of the Governor’s Executive order. She indicated police are contacting [...]

***Application to Re-Open Coos County Sent***

Coos County Commissioners have resubmitted an application for review to the Governor’s office that would allow them to reopen the county under Phase One. The County had submitted the application on Friday. Late Friday afternoon commissioners were notified they needed to provide additional certification that hospitals had a 14-day supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). [...]

Riley Ranch Campground Opens with Access to the Dunes

Coos County has opened Riley Ranch Campground to local residents. The county was able to negotiate an opening of the campground with the US Forest Service to allow access to the Dunes National Recreation Area through the campground with restrictions. Those include adequate social distancing, Coos County Residents only, and RVs must be self-contained. Only [...]

Mill Casino Cancels Major Summer Events

The Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park have cancelled their 3rd of July Fireworks, BBQ Blues and Brews and the Food Truck Off for 2020. A Mill Casino Spokeswoman says management ran several different scenarios for each event to see if they could safely social distance. But they didn’t feel comfortable there would be enough [...]

***ODFW reopens Hunting and Fishing to Non-residents***

***ODFW reopens Hunting and Fishing to Non-residents*** The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has reopened hunting and fishing to non-residents after closing it to them last month. Starting tomorrow, non-residents will be able to hunt and fish but they will not be able to clam and crab. ODFW has set up a link for non-residents [...]