Low Water Pressure Results In Precautionary Boil Order

The Coos Bay North Bend Water reported a loss of water pressure on Friday night, May 3rd to customers in a western portion of Coos Bay at approximately 7pm. (Water pressure was restored by 10pm.) As a result of low to no water pressure, personnel from the Water Board will be collecting water samples on Saturday and Sunday, May 4th and 5th, to assess the quality of the water. Until the testing confirms satisfactory water quality, a precautionary Boil Order is in effect for the following areas:

Flanagan Avenue, south to Inlet Loop—-and from Radar Road, west to Tricia Place/Lisa Place.

Also including Shorepines Mobile Home Park

When satisfactory water quality is confirmed, the boil order will be lifted. More information will be released when available.

This entry was posted on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 and is filed under Local News.