Man Tells Deputies He Was Being Followed By “Ghosts”

The Coos County 911 Dispatch Center received a call on December 24th from 38-year-old Ryland B. Sweet of Remote, that he was being followed by what he called “cops” or “ghosts”. Sweet told Deputies that the unknown people had been following him for several miles. Deputies located Sweet and his dog, along the bank of the Coal Bank Slough in Coos Bay and made verbal contact with him; discovering that Sweet was heavily under the influence of methamphetamine. At one point, Sweet fell into the Coal Bank Slough, but was able to get out on his own.
Deputies learned that Sweet had an active warrant out for his arrest for Probation Violation out of the Florence Police Department. Through the investigation, it was determined that Sweet was not being chased by “cops” or “ghosts”, but rather he was feeling paranoid due to the methamphetamine he had consumed.
There is a possibility that Sweet would not have been contacted by Deputies, had he not called authorities on himself. Due to the 911 call, Sweet was arrested and booked on the outstanding arrest warrant. Deputies took his dog to the Coos County Animal Shelter where the canine was given a warm blanket and food.

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