Maslow Project’s New Location Open House July 7th

The Maslow Project is having an Open House for their NEW location on 740 South 2nd Street in Coos Bay on Saturday, July 7th, from 10am–2pm. There will be a BBQ so bring the family, have some lunch and a tour the “outreach center.” The Maslow Project currently serves over 300 homeless youth a month at their location. They are in need of hygiene products, sleeping bags, kids/teen clothing, new socks/underwear, backpacks, first aid supplies, diapers/baby wipes, school supplies, bottled water, and snack foods. The local association of realtors has been working with the help of local businesses and patrons to provide some of the much needed items. However, the support of the community to keep their shelves stocked is an ongoing need. The Maslow project is named after American psychologist Abraham Maslow, famous for his pyramid of needs. According to Maslow, we all have a hierarchy of needs beginning with physiological, then upwards to safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. At the Maslow project they realize homeless youth cannot focus on social skills, self-esteem, or finding themselves until they have assistance with the essential requirements to survive which are food, water, shelter and safety. Please join them at their Open House on July 7th, help them reach out and continue to provide life’s essential needs to the future of our community.

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