Merkley Pledges To Keep Fighting For Small Port Dredging Funds

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley spoke at the recent Oregon Coast Economic Summit, highlighting his work for Oregon’s coastal communities and promising to keep pushing to maximize funds for small port dredging, a major driver of coastal economies and an important source of jobs. In a press release from August 22nd, it was noted that Merkley also received recognition from the Oregon Legislative Coastal Caucus for his previous work to secure funding for small ports, both in Oregon and across America.

“Our coastal communities rely on critical infrastructure that has to be maintained, which is why I am fighting so hard for Harbor Maintenance Funds for our small ports,” Merkley said. “Strong coastal economies are essential for good-paying family-wage jobs. I’ll keep working in partnership with our coastal leaders on the many important issues for our coastal communities.”

State Senator Arnie Roblan, who hosted the event, asked Senator Merkley how he had pushed the federal government to pay attention to small ports and their critical role in Oregon’s economy. Merkley reiterated the critical role that dredging and jetty maintenance plays in the operation of any port. He noted that in past years, small ports are too often “woefully underfunded” by the federal government, which is why Merkley secured $40 million for small ports this past fiscal year.

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