NB City Administrator: Parking Enforcement Returns

With the conclusion of the city construction work on the Streetscape Project in the downtown area, the city of North Bend is again enforcing parking restrictions.

The parking lot between Sheridan and Sherman Avenues has a twelve
hour parking limit. There are notices to that effect at the entrance to the lot and inside the lot. The Washington Street parking lot has a two hour parking limit.

Anyone who leaves their vehicle parked for more than twelve hours will be issued a parking citation. The city reminds drivers to note the two hour parking limit on Sherman Avenue, and the side streets in the downtown area will be enforced, effective now. There is un-timed parking at the Grant Circle area on California and Union and on Harbor Avenue. However, un-timed parking is not defined as storage or permanent vehicle parking.

The city requests that all drivers be courteous in their parking habits and park in designated areas for the time period applicable to their needs.

This entry was posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 and is filed under Local News, Public Service Announcements.