New Traffic Signals In North Bend

The Oregon Department of Transportation reports that as the year-long Highway 101 North Bend to Coos Bay Paving and Signals project nears completion, local drivers may notice some changes to traffic signals.
ODOT has replaced the signals and poles at four locations in North Bend: at southbound Virginia and Sherman, northbound Virginia and Sheridan, Florida and Highway 101 and Virginia and Broadway. These new signals are all operational.

At three other locations, ODOT has upgraded the traffic signal heads to include a yellow flashing left-turn arrow. These three signals are on the 101 at: Lewis Street, near the Mill Casino, Newmark Street and
Koos Bay Boulevard, near Motel 6. Since the yellow flashing arrows can cause some confusion to drivers seeing them for the first time, ODOT would like to provide a brief explanation of how they work.

When the yellow arrow is flashing, drivers are permitted to make a left turn if there are no oncoming vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians. Drivers are cautioned to only make the turn when it is safe to do so.

“I would advise drivers to be careful, don’t take chances,” said ODOT traffic engineer Ray Lapke. “You don’t have to turn left when you have a flashing yellow arrow, but if it’s safe to do so, it’s a good opportunity to make a turn and not waste gas sitting there waiting.

“Also, be patient with other drivers,” Lapke added. “Don’t honk. The flashing arrow may be new to them.”

A similar signal has been in operation for several years at the Southwest Oregon Community College/Wal-Mart intersection on Newmark in North Bend. The yellow flashing arrows are used throughout Oregon and can be found in Brookings, Grants Pass, Medford and Roseburg.

More information on these signals can be found at:

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