NWS Special Statement Sneaker Waves

National Weather ServiceNWS SPECIAL STATEMENT: A distant storm system near Japan earlier this week has generated very long period swell that is making its way toward the West Coast.

Initial waves from this storm are expected to arrive along the coast as early as this afternoon. These fast moving forerunning waves will be powerful and are capable of causing brief but significant run-up along the coast.

This very long period west-northwest swell will peak with wave heights near 15 feet on Saturday…subsiding to near 13 feet on Sunday.

Waves of this type…often referred to as sneaker waves…are
very fast moving and powerful. They can rapidly run up beaches that have been dry for an extended period of time. Jetties and rocks that seem safe can suddenly become over washed by these infrequent but powerful waves.

It is advised that those along the coastline this weekend use extra caution. Remember to stay far back from the surf…and never turn your back to the water.

This entry was posted on Friday, January 18th, 2013 and is filed under Local News, Weather Warnings.