ODF Reminds Land Owners To Prepare For Wet Season

The Oregon Department of Forestry reminds those who own forested property that now is the time to put water quality protection measures in place by getting forest roads ready for the wet season.
Good road maintenance is one of the ways to properly managed private woodlands. Road maintenance is important throughout the year but especially during the wet season. An inspection of woodland roads can help landowners identify problems and prioritize maintenance.

“If you have rocked roads, crown them to keep water from sitting on the surface of the road. Also, clean ditches and allow water to drain and filter through forestland, rather than moving through a culvert into a stream,” says Kyle Abraham, ODF’s Water Quality Specialist.

Culverts should be open and free of debris. Stream crossings that are potential barriers to fish movement should be scheduled for replacement or remediation. Look for drainage problems, evidence of erosion or failure of the road surface. When putting in ditches, be sure they’re at a sufficient depth to handle high intensity rainfall.
ODF’s stewardship foresters are available to consult with landowners on road maintenance, stream restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement and other projects.

For more information: http://mylandplan.org/

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