ODFW: Anglers May Now Keep Unclipped Chinook

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announces that Chinook salmon caught on the lower Columbia River will no longer need to be fin-clipped in order to be retained. Fishery managers decided to allow anglers to harvest both marked and unmarked chinook throughout a 58-mile stretch of the Columbia between Buoy 10 and Warrior Rock.

Prior to the rule change, anglers were required to release any unclipped chinook in this stretch of the river. The restriction was set to expire on September 30th but was lifted early based on new ocean harvest information and because wild chinook destined for lower Columbia tributaries have likely moved out of the main stem.

“Boat limit” rules remain in place throughout the river allowing all anglers aboard a vessel to continue angling until the daily bag limit for salmon and steelhead for all anglers onboard has been achieved.
Coho salmon and steelhead in this area are still subject to the restriction and must be fin-clipped in order to be retained.

For more information, refer to ODFW’s regulation update page online at www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/fishing/reg_changes/index.asp.

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 and is filed under Local News, State News.