ODFW: Hunters Can Purchase Big Game Preference Points

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announces that hunters who did not apply for a big game controlled hunt or purchase a point saver by May 15th may purchase preference points from now through November 30th. Hunters need to fill out the application found online at ODFW’s website and mail or fax it to ODFW Controlled Hunts, 3406 Cherry Ave NE, Salem OR 97303, fax 503-947-6113 or 503-947-6117. The cost is $8 and hunters also need an annual hunting license. Points can be purchased for the following hunt series: buck deer (100 series), elk (200 series), controlled pronghorn antelope (400 series), antlerless deer (600 series), and spring black bear tags (700 series). Hunters that already purchased a 2012 preference point or applied for a 2012 controlled hunt cannot purchase another point saver for that series. Preference points increase the odds that hunters will draw their big game tag of choice in a future year. Hunters that fail to draw their first choice tag gain a preference point for that year. Hunters that don’t want to apply for the tag drawing can purchase a point saver each year in each hunt series. Learn more by visiting http://www.dfw.state.or.us/news/2012/July.

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