ODFW: Management Plan Being Developed For Land In Coquille Valley

The third in a series of meetings was held last night in Coquille between the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and a Stakeholders committee to develop a management plan for a recently acquired 500 acres of land in the Coquille Valley, now being called the Coquille Valley Wildlife Area. According to Stuart Love, the ODFW District Wildlife Biologist, there are two main goals for this piece of property; the first being enhancement for fish and wildlife, Coho Salmon are a priority. The second goal is public access to this area so it may be utilized by the public for bird watching, photography and hunting. Several areas of the draft management plan were discussed, one of which was how to handle hunting and fishing on the property. The next meeting is tentatively set for the week of November 18th.

There are two tracts in the acreage, the Winter Lake and Beaver Slough. In the Winter Lake section, some of the proposed restoration will be to turn pasture land into marsh which will give a place for young Coho Salmon to spend the winter. Love is addressing the concern of the mosquitoes with the creation of a marshy area. ODFW is consulting with mosquito experts now, at the beginning of this project to avoid problems in the future. Specifically, the tidal activity creating the marshy area will be consistent through out the tidal cycles, which in turn mean less pooling of water for mosquitoes to live.

Love hopes the ODFW and the stakeholders have completed their meetings by the end of the year. Once a management plan has been created, there will be a meeting where members of the public can have input on the plan. Then the plan moves to the ODFW Commission for adoption. Love can be contacted at the ODFW at 541-888-5515 for further information regarding the Coquille Valley Wildlife Area.

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