ODFW: Spring Chinook Seasons For Columbia River

Fishery managers from Oregon and Washington have set spring Chinook salmon seasons for the Columbia River. The Columbia River spring Chinook seasons are based on a forecast of 227,000 returning upriver spring Chinook. This compares to a 2013 actual upriver return of 123,100 and leaves a harvest guideline of 10,157 upriver fish for the sport fishery downstream of Bonneville Dam. The spring Chinook season for the lower Columbia below the I-5 Bridge opened January 1st under permanent rules. The season will take effect March 1st and is expected to extend the fishery through April 7th.

The recreational harvest guideline is a result of an increase in the recreational share of allowed ESA impacts for spring Chinook; the share is 70 percent this year compared to 60 percent available to the recreational fishery in 2013. This increase in the sport fishing allocation is part of the lower Columbia River fisheries management framework recently adopted by the states. Beginning in 2017, the sport fishing allocation for spring Chinook will increase to 80 percent under the new management framework.

In addition to the seasons set, anglers are reminded that a Columbia River Basin Endorsement is now required for all anglers with an Oregon license when fishing for salmon, steelhead or sturgeon in the Columbia River Basin.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 and is filed under Local News, State News.