ODFW: Sturgeon Retention Ends On Lower Willamette

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that with 820 boats counted on the lower Willamette River during last Saturday’s sturgeon retention season and an average catch rate of 1.5 sturgeon kept per boat, the remaining sturgeon quota of about 1,000 was quickly achieved. Anglers reeled in an estimated 1,200 keepers on October 19th, prompting fishery managers from the ODFW to announce the lower Willamette River will remain closed to white sturgeon retention for the rest of the year.

Sturgeon retention remains open seven days a week on the Willamette River upstream of Willamette Falls with a size restriction of 38 to 54 inches fork length, and on the Columbia River between The Dalles and John Day dams only, with a 43-54 inches fork length restriction. Both of the retention fisheries are subject to a bag limit of one white sturgeon per day and two per year. In all areas, catch-and-release sturgeon angling is allowed during non-retention periods.

This entry was posted on Friday, October 25th, 2013 and is filed under Local News, State News.