ODFW To Issue Four Bay Clam Dive Permits

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will award four coast-wide bay clam dive permits April 11th.

“The commercial bay clam dive fishery in Oregon is limited to 15 –ten coast- wide permits and five south-coast permits,” said DeAnna Erickson, license service manager for ODFW. “If the number of permits falls below 15 we hold a lottery to bring the number back up to 15. Currently there are four coast-wide permits available.”

Bay clams are harvested by licensed inter-tidal commercial harvesters and also by permitted sub-tidal divers. Harvest focuses on cockles and gapers, though butter, littlenecks and softshells are also landed.

Only one application per vessel or individual will be accepted. Applications must be received in the Salem office or postmarked no later than March 31st. Successful applicants for individual permits will be required to purchase a personal commercial license within 30 days. Individual commercial licenses cost $82 for residents and $132 for nonresidents.

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