ODOT: Sidewalk/Curb Work In Downtown North Bend

A contractor will work on sidewalk and curb extension construction in downtown North Bend from now through August 2nd. Knife River plans to work at the Florida Avenue intersection of Highway 101, working south until they reach the Washington Avenue intersection in August.
Construction will require some sidewalk closures, but ODOT and Knife River plan to stage the work so that pedestrians will have alternate routes around the work zone.

ODOT and Knife River will make every effort to give advance notice to businesses prior to the replacement of sidewalk directly in front of their doors. As part of this work, curb extensions will be installed at six intersections along the 101, where Sherman and Sheridan meet California, Virginia and Washington. Knife River will also replace some sections of old or damaged sidewalk along Sheridan Avenue.
Some smaller sections of sidewalk, such as the corners at the Florida Avenue intersection, may only take a few days to replace. The curb extension work in other areas may take more time, or may be completed in stages.

Meanwhile, contractors plan to install new traffic signals poles at three intersections along Highway 101 as well as several cantilever signs in the North Bend area. Starting in August, Knife River will begin nighttime paving of the 101 in downtown North Bend.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 and is filed under Local News, Public Service Announcements.