ODOT Starts Highway 101 Projects

Contractors for the Oregon Department of Transportation will be working on Highway 101 projects: North Bend to Coos Bay Paving, Signals and Sidewalks.

The project will build or replace sidewalks along Highway 101 this fall and winter, replace four traffic signals and construct curb extensions at several intersections in downtown North Bend this winter or next spring, and pave four miles of the 101 from the McCullough Bridge to Fir Street next summer.

Most construction this fall will involve building or replacing sidewalks along the southbound side of the 101 in northern Coos Bay. Contractors are planning to break ground near the Pro Build lot at Fir Street and work their way north until they reach the Washington Street area in late fall or early winter.

This schedule will allow the City of North Bend to complete its sidewalk project before ODOT begins work in the downtown area later this year or early next year.

Drivers should expect intermittent shoulder and lane closures along southbound 101 this fall due to sidewalk work. Pedestrians should watch for sidewalk closures.

In order to make repairs to the drainage system, ODOT will dig up a small section of Virginia Avenue between Sherman and Sheridan after the city has completed its sidewalk project. The work will probably take place in late fall or winter, though it is weather dependent. Traffic will be temporarily routed around this area during construction.

Watch for additional drainage work along US 101 south of Washington Avenue this fall. Some intermittent shoulder and lane closures may be necessary.

When sidewalks are replaced, there may be direct or indirect impacts to adjacent businesses. Sometimes this will mean sidewalk, lane or shoulder closures. Other impacts may involve noise or temporary closure of accesses. ODOT will make every effort to keep these impacts to a minimum, and to notify adjacent businesses in advance.

ODOT will also shift Highway 101 a few feet to the left at Telegraph Hill. Crews will build a segment of sidewalk on the right side of the road, allowing pedestrians to safely walk from northern Coos Bay into the downtown area without crossing the highway. This work will impact traffic, but construction on this segment will not take place until next year.

Knife River is the prime contractor for this $6.5 million project.

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