OR Gas Prices Continue To Slowly Decrease

Oregon AAA reports that pump prices continue to decrease. The national average for regular unleaded drops six cents this week to $3.52, while the Oregon average goes down two cents to $3.67. A year ago, the national average was at $3.91, close to its peak price for the year of $3.94 on April 5th and 6th, 2012. The national average has now fallen for 13 straight days, and 42 of 48 days since the peak 2013 price to date of $3.79 on February 27th.

In Oregon, the year-to-date peak price is $3.80 a gallon on March 13th. A year ago, the Oregon average was $4.08. Drivers in every state but Idaho are paying less for gas now, than they were a week ago, and Idaho is one of only five states where drivers are paying more than a month ago. The relief is significant in most states: 40 states, including Oregon, have gas prices that are at least a dime a gallon less than a month ago, and seven states are paying at least 20 cents less.

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