Oregon Health Authority Monitoring Coronavirus

The Oregon Health Authority will begin weekly updates on persons under monitoring and persons under investigation for novel coronavirus, COVID-19, as state epidemiologists, local public health officials and federal partners continue their investigation of the disease that has sickened tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Every Tuesday beginning March 3, OHA will post data on persons under monitoring (PUMs) and persons under investigation (PUI) on its website, http://healthoregon.org/coronavirus.

PUMs are individuals who do not have COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, but who may have been exposed through close contact with a confirmed case or travel to mainland China. PUIs are individuals with COVID-19 symptoms — but not necessarily the virus — who have had one of these exposures.

The posted data will include current numbers of Oregon PUMs, as well as cumulative numbers of PUMs who have been monitored since the outbreak began. It also will include numbers of persons for whom test results are pending, positive, and negative, and total tests performed.
If a person under investigation tests positive for COVID-19, OHA will notify the public through a statewide press release along with the person’s county of residence.

Photo: Pixabay

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