Oregon License Plates Now More Reflective

Oregon vehicle registration plates are easier to read at night with more reflective background sheeting. The Division of Motor Vehicles has started issuing the standard tree plates with the new material. The DMV’s plate vendor, Portland-based Irwin-Hodson, is using new 3M™ HD License Plate Sheeting.
The new HD sheeting is more reflective, secure and durable than the previous material. Vehicle owners may notice new features on these plates: Oregon’s state outline on the left and two letters printed vertically on the far right side of the plate. The two letters are a manufacturer’s code to identify the month and year the sheeting was produced.
The previous plate sheeting used tiny pieces of round glass beads inside other materials to produce reflectivity, which shines outward like a floodlight. The new sheeting is “prismatic” or “high-definition” sheeting. It is similar to road signs, which appear brighter at night.
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This entry was posted on Friday, November 10th, 2017 and is filed under Local News, State News.