Port Of Coos Bay Public Scoping Meeting

A public meeting to discuss widening and deepening the channel will be held. The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing a comprehensive environmental impact statement to evaluate the impacts of the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay’s proposed modification to the lower Coos Bay Federal Navigation Channel. The Corps welcomes discussion and input from the public, as well as local and state agencies and organizations at an open house meeting. It will be held on Wednesday, September 13th at 3pm at the Coos Bay Library.
The importance of a wider and deeper channel
Over the past decade, maritime freight transportation has trended towards larger ships, resulting in the need for wider and deeper channels. The current channel poses navigational challenges to larger vessels and the ability to safely maneuver within the current channel footprint. Larger log and chip vessels moving in and out of the Port must synchronize passage with high tides and often leave the port in a light loaded condition to reduce draft. Vessels that are light loaded are less efficient and generate higher cost for shippers.
The increase in width and depth will allow existing and future cargo vessels to have less restricted access, reducing delays and increasing the efficiency of port operations. The Port’s goal is to promote the use of Coos Bay’s deep-water port to strengthen development of a healthy regional economy while improving the quality of life in the region. Reducing the cost of transporting goods to and from international markets improves and preserves competitiveness for U.S. goods. Visit http://www.portofcoosbay.com/events/2017/9/13/channel-modification-public-scoping-meeting

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