Proposed Land Exchange Meeting Today

The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission will hold a meeting today at The Red Lion in Coos Bay. The Commission will consider a proposed land exchange affecting part of the Bandon State Natural Area, a property plagued by gorse. Under the proposal, property closest to Highway 101 would be traded to Bandon Biota. The company intends to develop a golf course on the property. In exchange, Bandon Biota would pay at least $300,000 for gorse control on nearby state park properties, transfer two land parcels near Bandon into the state park system, and pay to help purchase two other properties. During today’s meeting,
Commissioners will hear a staff presentation on the proposal, then turn the floor over to public comment. Today’s meeting starts at 8:30am. People who wish to comment on the proposal can do so in person at the meeting. The deadline for all comments is August 9th, 5pm.

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